Our caviars

Art of tasting

What is the way to enjoy caviar?

It can be appreciated in different ways.

Plain for purists.

It is also enjoyed on toasted bread, blini, thinly sliced warm potato on a bed of cream.

It can also be added to an appetiser, a starter or a main dish.

It goes perfectly with seafood products like fish, oysters and shellfish.

For breakfast, it will bring an elegant and refined flavor to your scrambled or boiled (on bread fingers) eggs.

A pearl or horn spoon is needed for the tasting because caviar oxidizes with the contact of the metal.

Serving the caviar on ice in an adapted display gives the caviar the best conditions.


It must be absolutely stored at a temperature of -2 to 2 degrees for optimum conservation.

Advice : put the caviar box in a cool bag with a slab of bread ( 1 bread for 100 gr) then put it in the fridge.


La vente d'alcool est interdite aux mineurs de moins de 18 ans

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