Our History

Founder's story


Coming from wine, champagne, and spirit market, I have acquired during 14 years a refined expertise in the catering world.

My passion for the gourmet sector pushes me to travel the world looking for the best fine products. By my experiences, I have discovered caviar's universe. Caviar needs to be shake in its codes and traditions. It needs to be attractive and contemporary. Thus was born Ultreïa.

Ultreïa is a new brand with already a strong identity, it stands out its contemporary and dynamic vision.

This vision is different : it is accessible and luxurious at the same time, but always innovative and quality driven. "Broadening horizons by awakening taste-buds", I want to make known my products not only by wealthy people but everybody : novices, lovers and experts, thanks to a limitless devotion to ultimate quality suitable to every establishments or persons with a higher standard in mind.

La vente d'alcool est interdite aux mineurs de moins de 18 ans

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