Mickaël FÉVAL
Michelin Star Chef 

"As a chef it is common to be sought to discover new products. Amongst the most prestigious : caviar. I have rarely experienced such a beautiful encounter; it implies to be equally seduced by this new brand as I am by the passion of the ones who battle to expose it to the world.

Meeting Véronique (the founder of the brand) and discovering Ultreïa's caviars have been ones of these rare encounters.

I have had the chance to discover the different varieties of Ultreïa's caviar that she offers, all more interesting than the last, her explanation for each more inspiring than the one before.

Working to express each type caviar in an individual recipe was extremely inspiring.

I sought to enhance the "One Ultreïa" caviar that I love: to provoke surprise without misrepresenting the product, and to find the most delicate associations to make the caviar even more sublime."

La vente d'alcool est interdite aux mineurs de moins de 18 ans

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