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CAVIAR ULTREIA, "Beyond your desires"



Ultreïa is a pioneering brand in the traditional world of caviar. Thanks to the quality of its carefully selected products, packaging and timeless design, the creation of a range of unusual accessories made by the best of the French way Ultreïa affirms its dynamic and innovative identity.

The brand also offers an exclusive and unique variety in France: caviar "One Ultreïa".

Make caviar more than a gourmet product, a real art of living, a contemporary and urban product with an ultra-luxury positioning with a value nonetheless incomparable prices. Making the dream accessible to all.



Ultreïa is a Latin word whose meaning is "Beyond"

Its visual identity is pure and symbolism. She naively transcribed fish, caviar initial word, the skyline, the Yin and Yang, the balance and the Life.

It is also an expression of joy and sharing, values ​​dear to the Ultreïa Spirit. Caviar is a delicacy holidays, conviviality, sharing, magic and happiness, or just pleasure.


Ultreïa is a brand that takes you beyond luxury, beyond caviar, beyond your expectations, "Beyond your desires."


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La vente d'alcool est interdite aux mineurs de moins de 18 ans

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