Our caviars

Virtues of caviar

Caviar is recognized for its nutritional, antioxidant, energizing and regenerating energy.It is considered as a powerful aphrodisiac since the time of the Greeks and Persians. It has the same skin vital substances, but in greater quantity.

100 grams of caviar :

Water 48gr VITAMINES Omega-3
Proteins25 gr A Omega-9
Lipids 15 gr E Amino acids
Calcium 100mg B1 Trace element
Iron 1,4 gr B2 Traces of copper
Magnesium 25mg B3 Manganese
Phosphorus 330 mg B5 Selenium
Potassium 170mg B9 Cholesterol 440 mg
Sodium 1500   250Kca

La vente d'alcool est interdite aux mineurs de moins de 18 ans

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